How to Remove The TikTok Watermark in 10 Easy Ways

In this article you will learn how to remove the TikTok Watermark in 10 Easy Ways.

TikTok has gained immense popularity as a social media platform, allowing users to create and share short videos with various effects and filters. When you create a video on TikTok, it automatically adds a watermark to the content, showcasing the platform’s logo and the username of the creator. While some users prefer to keep the watermark as a mark of authenticity, others may wish to remove it for personal or professional reasons. In this article, we will explore ten easy methods to remove the TikTok watermark and enhance the appearance of your videos.

How to remove the TikTok Watermark

  • Crop the video
  • Utilize Third-Party Apps
  • Use Video Editors with Watermark Removal Features
  • Employ Screen Recording
  • Utilize Online Watermark Removal Tools
  • Seek Assistance from AI-Powered Tools
  • Reverse-Engineering with Video Filters
  • Video Overlays or Stickers
  • Opt for a Duplicate Video
  • Request Permission or Collaborate with TikTok Creators

Method 1: Crop the Video

One straightforward approach to removing the TikTok watermark is by cropping the video. You can use video editing tools or mobile applications like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, or VivaVideo to trim the edges of the video and cut out the watermark.

Method 2: Utilize Third-Party Apps

Several third-party applications are available that specialize in removing watermarks from videos. Apps like Remove & Add Watermark and Video Eraser offer simple and user-friendly interfaces to help you erase TikTok watermarks efficiently.

Method 3: Use Video Editors with Watermark Removal Features

Some video editing software, both desktop and mobile, come with built-in watermark removal features. Programs like Kinemaster, InShot, and Movavi Video Editor Plus allow you to edit and export videos without the TikTok watermark.

Method 4: Employ Screen Recording

This method involves playing the TikTok video on your device and using screen recording software to capture it without the watermark. Subsequently, you can edit the recorded video and save it without the TikTok watermark.

Method 5: Utilize Online Watermark Removal Tools

Several websites offer online tools specifically designed to remove watermarks from videos. You can upload your TikTok video to these platforms and use their functionalities to erase the watermark before downloading the edited video.

Method 6: Seek Assistance from AI-Powered Tools

Advancements in artificial intelligence have paved the way for innovative solutions to remove watermarks from videos. AI-powered tools like Unscreen and Adobe Sensei employ machine learning algorithms to detect and eliminate watermarks effectively.

Method 7: Reverse-Engineering with Video Filters

This technique involves analyzing the TikTok watermark’s color and opacity and using video filters to counteract its presence. By experimenting with filters like brightness, contrast, and color correction, you can reduce the visibility of the watermark.

Method 8: Video Overlays or Stickers

Adding overlays or stickers to your TikTok video can cover the watermark without affecting the overall content. You can choose from a variety of design options to blend the overlay seamlessly with your video.

Method 9: Opt for a Duplicate Video

A simple yet effective method is to recreate the TikTok video entirely, mimicking the original as closely as possible. By creating a duplicate without the watermark, you can maintain the visual integrity of the video while eliminating the TikTok branding.

Method 10: Request Permission or Collaborate with TikTok Creators

Lastly, you can contact the original TikTok creator and request their permission to use their video without the watermark. Collaborating with creators can often lead to fruitful partnerships and mutually beneficial arrangements.


While TikTok’s watermark serves as a symbol of authenticity, removing it can be desirable in certain situations. Whether you wish to enhance the visual appeal of your videos or repurpose them for other platforms, the methods mentioned above offer simple and effective ways to remove the TikTok watermark. From cropping and video editing software to online tools and AI-powered solutions, you have numerous options at your disposal. However, it is important to remember to respect intellectual property rights and seek proper permissions when using other creators’ content. Experiment with these methods, find

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