10 ChatGPT Life Hacks - That'll Change Your Life

Get 10 ChatGPT Life Hacks along with detailed example for each ChatGPT Life Hacks try these simple hacks to change your life, save time, effort and money with ChatGPT Life Hacks.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks

Thanks for OpenAI today we have this powerful chatbot which help us a lot to do some different stuffs, you can use this chatbot to do anything and before start to explore the 10 ChatGPT Life Hacks, you can take a time to know everything about ChatGPT.

Ask it to Summaries Things

One of ChatGPT Life Hacks is that you can ask to summaries things, if you have a web link to a long article and you don’t want to spend your time reading it, you can just copy the post link and then open ChatGPT and ask it to summarize the article, example you may ask “Hey please summarize this for me in 1 sentence [Your Link]” you will paste your link and it will summarize your article.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 2

ChatGPT can also summarize hundreds of pages in seconds, example a document which have more than 30,000 words, you can just copy the pages of the text and then go to ChatGPT and before paste them, you can type TL;DR (Means Too long didn’t read) then paste the text. Example of the prompt: “TL;DR in 3 sentence [paste your text]”. ChatGPT will quick summarize a document of hundred of pages in 3 sweet sentence in seconds.

ChatGPT can summarize YouTube videos, example long videos like podcast, which have 1hr and more, you can copy the video link and the title of the video to avoid mixed-up, then ask the chatbot to summarize the video for you, example you can ask it “Please summarize this video for me [paste the video link followed by video title]”. The chatbot will give you a perfect summary of the video and you will save your time (without spending more than one hour listening).

Ask it to Explain Anything

You can ask ChatGPT to explain or summarize something that happen in history, example you can type “In 1 sentence please explain Why did South Africa get independence late?”. ChatGPT will tell you what exactly happen in history or in news, you just ask to explain anything you want.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 3

Ask it to Teach

Another ChatGPT life hacks is to ask it to teach you anything you want, example you can improve your language skills with ChatGPT by practice any language of your choice, you can ask it; “can you teach me how to speak French?” then you will receive feedback on grammar and vocabulary.

Now lets say you want to learn playing any musical instrument, example you can ask ChatGPT to teach you 12 Piano notes and it will give you basic 12 notes and guide to get started.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks - That'll Change Your Life -  piano teaching

You can also ask Chatbot to solve your homework example you get a math problem and you can ask it to solve the problem for you [type – Solve this/Prove that]. ChatGPT will not only give you an answer for your problem but it will give you a proper explanation on how the problem was solved and the way to solve it.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 4

Get Healthy with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can help you to get health, I know it’s not a doctor but you can use it to get fit healthy, example if you want to lose weight and gain muscle you can ask chatbot; “I’d like to lose 4KGs of fat and gain 1KG of muscle in 12 week, please create a detailed exercise plan for me”

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 5

This chatbot can also make weekly meal plan for you, example you can ask; [Please make me a low-carb and sugar free weekly meal plan]. Also can break that meal plan in to a shopping list for you: [Please break that down in to a shopping list for me].

Also you can ask chatbot how you can cook any type of food based on couple food items which you have, example you can ask “What can I cook with Tomatoes, Potatoes and Fish?”, ChatGPT will give you what you can cook with your listed ingredients plus will generate different recipes for you.

Recommend Movies/Books

You can ask ChatGPT to tell you what were the top Thriller or Horror Movies in 2009, you can type “What are the most watched Horror movies from the 2009?” and then you will get a list of all horror movie from 2009.

ChatGPT can also provide most popular books of all time likewise in movies you can search any of your favorite book an even get a summary from ChatGPT.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 6

Playing Games with ChatGPT

As an AI text-based model, it can engage in a variety of word-based games and activities. Here are a few examples: Word Association, 20 Questions, Storytelling and Trivia, get more info about games by ask “what games can I play with you?”.

You can ask ChatGPT to code a game for you and you can play it in your browser, and this is the most ChatGPT life hacks which I love, example you can ask it to build snake or pong game; “Please build a snake-like game for me in HTML”. and you will receive your Snake game in HTML.

10 ChatGPT Life Hacks Thatll Change Your Life 7

Ask for Advice

This ChatGPT life hacks can blow your mind, did you know that ChatGPT can give you advice on any thing, example your friend is diagnosed with blood cancer and he/she is unable to let his/her parents know about the condition, now you can enter these prompt to get free advice; “My friend has been diagnosed with blood cancer but is unable to tell his parents how can I help him?” Chatbot will give you very sweet advice as if you were talk to specialist.

Drafting Emails and Messages

ChatGPT can generate a professional email for you with all necessary details, also can create personalized Anniversary or Birthday messages for your friends or family with their name and their interests.

Another ChatGPT life hacks that can blow your mind is that you can use this tool to write a perfect cold outbound email to your customers, in the coming article I will show you how to do that, and you can find the link to the content just below this paragraph.

Ask it to Write for you

You can ask ChatGPT to write a story for you based on single or multiple-words prompt, example you can ask; “Can you write a short story on how to keep the environment safe?”.

You can also ask it to write blog post based on specific topic, from 1000-word article and more.

Generating Social Media Content

ChatGPT can help you to create an engaging caption for Instagram, providing it with full description of the image, you can also ask it to compose YouTube video, it will give you ideas of the video, title and keyword of your video.

Final Thoughts

These are 10 ChatGPT Life Hacks that you can use to save time, effort etc. you may find other tricks are not working, and good thing is ChatGPT will give you a feedback on what you can do if any of the prompt you read above is not working.

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